The modern warfare 2 Noob.

The mw2 noob was a class of gamers that used weapons and tactics that allowed them easy wins rather than the conventional ways of attaining high kill and deaths ratios. They deployed two devastatingly effective but yet cheap tactics. They employed 3 tactics

Camping (staying in a concealed area usually with a high powered weapon and killing passer by's)

Noob tubing (taking a m203 grenade launcher and randomly firing at the sky)

Boosting (Hiding in a ffa with tactical insertions and repeatedly killing your opponent)

There weapons and perks

One man army


Danger close

Thumper grenade launcher

Javelin Launcher

AT4 Launcher

ROG-7 Launcher

UMP45 smg

Riot shield

Duel 1887 shotguns

The AA-12 automatic shotgun

Duel desert eagles

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